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The Official Website of Andreas Fisentzou, a cypriot Drift driver, with a lot of photos, videos and news.
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WEICON Repair Sticks (Concrete, Stainless Steel), Flex M Stainless Steel, Contact VA 30 black, Copper Paste
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Symmetrical Personal Training is the first Personal Training Center in Cyprus offering the highest quality and latest technology machines HYPOXI and ICOONE for targeted fat loss together with the POWER PLATE.
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Products categories include Taps, Round dies, Thread mills, Reamers, Counterbores & Countersinks, Drills, Cases & Accessories and Tapping systems.
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Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar´s Data Recovery Solutions encompasses a wide range of software for almost any data loss situation ranging from accidental formats to virus attacks to software malfunctions. Most major Operating Systems are supported including Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux, and Novell. Additional data recovery solutions include recovery from CD-ROM´s, Digital Media Recovery (such as digital pictures or music files), and E-mail recovery. Stellar also provides data protection, data backup, and data eraser software.

Data Recovery Software
Stellar offers you data recovery tools for the major operating systems which recover and restore the data in the original format. These software have the great and unique capability to end up at complete and valuable disk recovery. The data loss can be the product of any of the mentioned reasons for which Stellar proffers the standout solutions:
  • Drive is not booting up
  • File system has undergone corruption
  • Unintentional deletion
  • Sabotage
  • Drive has been formatted
  • Partition table has got damaged

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery
These non-destructive and read-only utilities run a perfect scanning procedure via the use of influential algorithms. The range of products counts for Windows, Linux, UNIX, Novell and Macintosh operating systems and specialized software for CD recovery and photo recovery and iPod recovery.

Products Offered:
  • Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
  • Stellar Phoenix Novell Data Recovery
  • Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery
  • Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery
  • Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery
  • Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery
  • Stellar Phoenix CDROM Data Recovery
  • Stellar Phoenix (SCO Open Server)
  • Stellar Phoenix (SCO UnixWare)
  • Stellar Phoenix (Solaris - Intel)
  • Stellar Phoenix (Solaris - Sparc)
  • Stellar Phoenix BSD
  • Stellar Phoenix HP Unix
File Recovery Software - for Windows Undelete
Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery , a secure and easy to use application designed for repairing corrupted Microsoft Access (.mdb) files. Software provides a simple, intuitive and cool looking user interface. Access recovery software does a complete scan of the corrupted access files. After that, access files are repaired and restored to a default location or to a user specified folder.

Key Features:
  • Supports all modern file versions, including Access 97, 2000, 2002, XP, 2003 and 2007
  • Recovers name of the Tables
  • Recovers all Data Type
  • Recovers fields, including Images
  • Recovers Primary key fields if present
  • Recovers Relation between Tables if present
  • Simple to operate, with no prior technical skills required
Email Recovery & Mail Conversion Utilities
Stellar Offers a Wide Range of Mail Recovery Solution to its Customers in instances of Data Loss due to Damages and Corruption of Email. It allows Mail Repair/Restore of accidentally deleted messages that have been emptied from the "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook and Outlook Express. This Mail Recovery software scans, extracts and saves e-mails messages and folders on the local drive.

Stellar provide mail conversion utilities designed to convert the unusable Microsoft Exchange Offline Storage Files (.OST) file to a Personal Storage File (.PST) file that can be used with Microsoft Outlook.

Products Offered:
  • Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Standard
  • Stellar Phoenix Outlook Pst Repair
  • Stellar Phoenix Mailbox - Exchange Desktop
  • Stellar Phoenix Mailbox - Exchange Server
Prevent Data Loss
Stellar offers the following data availability solutions to prevent instances of data loss in your computer.

Product options available:
  • Stellar Shield
  • Stellar Data Care Suite
  • Stellar InstaBackup
  • Stellar Smart
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address  :  Limassol, Cyprus
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