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The Official Website of Andreas Fisentzou, a cypriot Drift driver, with a lot of photos, videos and news.
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New WEICON Products 2010
WEICON Repair Sticks (Concrete, Stainless Steel), Flex M Stainless Steel, Contact VA 30 black, Copper Paste
New Products Brochure goes live !
Symmetrical Personal Training is the first Personal Training Center in Cyprus offering the highest quality and latest technology machines HYPOXI and ICOONE for targeted fat loss together with the POWER PLATE.
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Distribution of JMC products
Products categories include Taps, Round dies, Thread mills, Reamers, Counterbores & Countersinks, Drills, Cases & Accessories and Tapping systems.
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Acronis is a world leader in providing advanced, scalable storage management and disaster recovery software that helps enterprises safeguard their information and assures the availability, security, integrity and recoverability of their infrastructure. Acronis´ patented disk imaging and disk management technology has won broad industry acclaim and numerous awards for excellence in data protection, backup and recovery, system deployment, and server migration for both physical and virtual machine servers.

Online Backup & Restore
Acronis True Image corporate products provide comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective system protection and recovery for your entire IT infrastructure. It minimizes the downtime with automated backup and is very easy to manage by ensuring 24 x 7 uptime. It supports heterogeneous systems with cutting edge technology by leveraging the existing technology investments.

Online Backup & Restore with Acronis® True Image products Features
System Protection - Disk Imaging, Differential and incremental backups, Compression
Recovery - Bootable media using WinPE, Bare-metal restore (Universal Restore), Snap Restore (Boot from an image)
Administration - Scheduling, Notifications, Events Log
Online Protection - Hot imaging/backups
Storage Media - All known (NAS, DAS, tapes, ... ), Acronis Secure Zone (special partition)
Operating System - Windows (all 32 & 64 bit, Linux

The different versions available for Acronis are:
  • Acronis True Image Enterprise Server
  • Acronis True Image Windows Server
  • Acronis True Image Linux Server
  • Acronis True Image Workstation
  • Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server
  • Acronis True Image for Microsoft SBS
  • Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange
Acronis® True Image products
Distributed Deployment
All private and public sector organizations (businesses, schools, federal/state/local governments, etc.) face increasing challenges when configuring and deploying new workstations and servers in a distributed environment. Having a deployment solution that enables them to use a standard configuration for a new machine will significantly decrease support expenses.

Acronis® Snap Deploy®
Acronis® Snap Deploy® is a comprehensive deployment solution that enables IT organizations to deploy or refresh servers quickly and easily.
Using Acronis' award-winning disk imaging technology, Snap Deploy creates an exact disk image of the standard configuration, including the operating system and all applications. It then deploys that image to multiple systems simultaneously, making it ideal for rapid bare-metal installations. IT support has the option to deploy new machines using both the multicast and unicast protocols, providing maximum flexibility and reducing implementation.

Acronis® Universal Restore allows you to restore to different hardware or to a virtual machine, providing complete disaster recovery. Disaster recovery planning and tools that enable business continuity are requirements for every business. Acronis® Universal Restore prepares you for even the most unforeseen events.
Acronis® Universal Restore
  Jose Maria Cabré - cutting tools, taps and reamers Masterfix WEICON chemo-technical products and speciality tools Beyond Compare 3 - utility for comparing files and folders     
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