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WEICON Epoxy Adhesives

WEICON Epoxy Adhesives are cold-curing, solvent-free two-component systems with extremely strong bonding properties. They enable material bonds with high tensile and impact strength and are thus ideal for assembly, repairs and production.

In particular in cases of innovative constructions and bonds between different materials such as e.g

  • Metals
  • Hard plastics
  • Fiber-reinforced materials (GRP, CFRP, fiberglass etc.)
  • Ceramics
  • Glass, stone
  • Wood etc.

Today's requirements are ever more demanding (e.g., optically attractive joints coupled with very high strength). Frequently these materials are combined with one another, which leads to additional requirements.

Here the use of WEICON Epoxy Adhesives offers a number of advantages:

  • When use is made of WEICON Epoxy Adhesives, the surfaces of the materials are not altered as they are when e.g., soldering or welding is employed
  • No stresses are caused in the materials, and there is no need to use additional fixing methods
  • Through the use of thinner and lighter materials, simpler and more cost-effective constructions are often possible. This can sometimes result in considerable reductions in both weight and costs

Application of all WEICON Epoxy Adhesives is by means of practical double syringes. By this method, both resin and hardener are delivered in a user-friendly manner in the 1:1 volume proportions. Time-consuming weighing up of the two components is no longer necessary. Through the use of WEICON Epoxy Adhesives, there are to be found varied applications in all sectors, from simple repair and overhaul work to series applications in almost all branches of industry.

For specific applications, there are different adhesives available. They vary with regard to their handling, speed at which they cure, viscosity, color, range of temperatures and the strength which can be achieved. WEICON Epoxy Adhesives cure out with virtually no shrinkage and, once properly cured, are resistant to many chemicals.

WEICON Epoxy Adhesives are cold-curing, solvent-free two-component systems with extremely strong bonding properties

Brochure/ Technical Data

Important Note: All specifications, recommendations and techncial data are based on laboratory tests under optimum conditions resp. on practical experience. They have been compiled most carefully. Nevertheless, a claim cannot be derived from them. We therefore recommend to carry out own tests before application. The user bears the only responsibility for non-appropriate or other than specified applications.

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